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Dancing Towns 20. Tell her you love her. 


Send her your lonely self:


Tell her your strong hands are lonely without her

Tell her your big heart beats dull without her

Tell her your soul is waiting for her to come

I am sure this picture will bring you luck

Not hundred percent sure, but still

UK. Southern Coast


Dancing Towns 19. Online (Facebook Group). 

The first ever painting of a FB Group in the world. Presumably.


The picture was made according to the wishes of one FB Group. Love you all, guys.

So, there is one house on this picture, which is usually hidden from the street. Two cats which belong to the lady who lives nearby. Seagull. Pub. Members of the Group. Mobiles. A warm summer evening after the rain. And, well, somebody who looks like Mr.Benn.

UK Facebook.
Bicton Inn. Pub
Somebody who looks like Mr.Benn
Pets Online
Choose the picture you like and
click on it
Ogwell Print Mug Postcard British
Ogwell Postcard Britain
Ogwell Mug Britain
Then choose the option
you like:
a print,
a postcard,
a cup

Dancing Towns 13. Exmouth. Jogging. 

The only person not jogging in this picture is a lonely watercolourist.


Every other person on The Beacon — from Nelson's house on the left to Byron's house on the right — is maintaining a healthy constitution and a positive attitude :)

Exmouth Print Mug Postcard British

Dancing Towns 18. Exeter. Move. 

If you're moving, do it with style.


Somebody is moving into an empty building with a cool truck which is literally on fire - naturally, barbershoppers, kids, and everyone else are watching.

Exeter Print Mug Postcard British

Dancing Towns 14. Brixham. Seagulls. 

Seagulls in the seatown.

Sound of vacation, freedom and fun :) 

Brixham Print Mug Postcard British

Dancing Towns 12. Torquay. Ravens. 

A perfect setting for an Agatha Christie novell.


Torquay is the hometown of the great writer of detective stories.

Everything seems so quiet and lovely here. You just want to greet a new charming day with a happy yawn, scaring innocent black ravens from the rooftops...

Torquay Print Mug Postcard British

Dancing Towns 16. Dartmouth. 

Still not ready :)

Dartmouth Print Mug Postcard British

Right now, on the 15th of February, I'm here, working on this site. Please, forgive me for any mistakes, malfunctions, and inconsistencies; this is my first site ever :)

If you have any questions - please leave a comment in the Comment section or write to

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